Radio buttons and checkboxes allow users to select single or multiple items in a set.

There is often confusion around radio buttons and checkboxes. Use a radio button when your question has only one answer. Use a checkbox when your question has multiple answers.

Radio buttons

Like dropdowns, radio selectors allow the user to select an item from a set of options.

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  • Use if there’s a single answer.
  • Only use radio selectors when there are fewer than 10 options and it’s helpful to see them all at once. Otherwise, use a dropdown.
  • Stack them vertically instead of horizontally. This keeps the options scannable.
  • Don’t use radio buttons to select multiple answers.
{% toggleText('radio') %}


Checkboxes allow a user to select none, one, or more than one selection.

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  • Use checkboxes when more than one item can be selected.
  • As with radio selectors, stack checkbox items vertically.
  • Don’t use checkboxes if only one selection is desired.
{% toggleText('checkboxes') %}